Personal Training

Ever heard of a treadmill transformation? We haven’t either.

Individualized attention, whether you want to master a specific skill, lose weight, build strength or simply prefer one-on-one to the group classes.

Our coaches have helped train athletes to compete in Ironman competitions, half marathons, CrossFit, powerlifting and weightlifting competitions. We’ve also helped clients jumpstart their fitness journey in a safe and unintimidating environment, until they were ready and comfortable to join our group classes.

Personal training includes custom programming specific to your particular weaknesses and goals, and one-on-one coaching to teach you correct mechanics, encourage the right amount of intensity and provide valuable feedback throughout your entire workout. Personal training clients can also include nutrition support.

Group fitness class at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC

Tailored Instruction

Frustration free results.

Have you ever been frustrated by the scale when you’re doing everything “right”? Intimidated by all the machines in a globo gym? Confused by contradicting advice on what and how much to eat?

Options to fit your budget.

1/2 Hour Session


Per visit

1 Hour Session


Per visit


5-star members. 5-star gym.

“Love Lions Roar Crossfit!!! The coaches have been very helpful on technique and encouragement to push harder. I highly recommend this gym to anyone who is just starting or is a experienced athlete.”

Male member gives Lion's Roar Crossfit a 5-star review

Mark Smith

November 9, 2017

“Great people, trainers are amazing! Always feel comfortable. Tried other places and this one definitely is my number one choice. Clean and organized, great equipment. James is a great person!”

Female member gives Lion's Roar Crossfit a 5-star review

Valentina Kozyreva

March 20, 2018

Be a goal-getter!

Schedule your success session.

Whether you’re a fitness novice wanting to get in shape or a competitive athlete looking to improve your strength and technique, our experienced coaches can help you reach your goals faster than going it alone — and you’ll have a helluva better time, too.